After warming up in the sauna or soaking in the warm 10 m long outdoor pool you will experience wellbeing in the silent relaxation room. The feeling of tranquility, warmth, nature and pureness will enhance your personal energy and create an exhilarated experience!


Relaxation massage with Icelandic herbs

In harmony with nature you will feel revitalized and you will find your inner peace

Treatment will take 30/50 minutes

ISK 14.900 / ISK 24.900

Icelandic Nature gives your skin a glow, your body relaxation and lifts your spirit

Treatment begins with a surface cleansing
The face is lightly heated and deeply cleansed
Soothing face and head massage
Face mask applied on skin
Day lotion is applied while calming massage at the end of the treatment

Treatment will take 75 minutes

ISK 27.900

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